The Abandoned Church on the Hill

Category: Travel and Tourism Posted: 08/12/2015 22:08:00

Highway 12, a scenic Byway that winds through Northeast Nebraska, offers scenic sights, friendly people, and a rich history of cowboys and indians and the 1800's.

Along the way the small town of Obert sits among the scenic views above the Missouri River. Obert is located east of Yankton and just minutes away from Vermillion on the Nebraska side. In this town is a little white church perched on a hill overlooking the town below.The building's white paint is faded, exposed to South and weather that passes through the valley. The sign says, “Hillside Community Church,” a reminder of not so distant past, happier days of when it was a house of worship and a gathering-place for the hard-working residents of Obert.

Obert was founded as a railroad community but later was abandoned by the railroad. The church is now closed but is in excellent condition. The church boasts views of the Missouri River. So, if you are nearby do not miss the opportunity to drive along Highway 12 and stop in Obert to see the little white church on the hill.